AssetDoppler is a severe weather alert-notification service designed to protect your commercial property. Through our proprietary algorithms, local storm reports and other data sources, we pinpoint the impact a potential weather event may have caused to your building. Our product tracks several specific weather events including Hail, Lightning, Tornadoes, and Flooding. Billions of dollars of property damage go uninsured every year due to untimely damage recognition. Don’t let your property fall into that category. Let AssetDoppler be an additional layer of protection for your property at a fraction of the cost.

AssetDoppler Quick Stats

  • Assets Protected: 54
  • Events Detected: 102144
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Current Weather

Estimates show that 50% of commercial losses resulting from weather and other environmental events go overlooked or unclaimed. AssetDoppler is designed from the ground up to make asset and property managers quickly aware of these events, preventing costly oversights.

  • Ensures property inspections occur in a timely fashion
  • Creates accountability and tracks adherence
  • Enables timely property insurance claims and full utilization of insurance
  • Speeds response to emergency needs such as equipment delivery or personnel deployment
  • Quickens replacement and delivery of products and/or inventory
  • Ensures the safety and protection of staff, customers, and other personnel
  • Smooths resumption of normal business

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