About Us

Special Tech Systems, LLC was formed by an asset manager, a real estate consultant and a technologist to create innovative visions at the intersection of technology, the environment and the world of real property and asset management. AssetDoppler.com was born to satisfy a real need in the heart of that intersection.

While there are many traditional weather applications, asset owners and property managers need something more than just weather predictions. They need factual reporting of events that have really occurred, not just have been predicted to occur. They need to know it hailed last night, not that it might. And they need to know if that hail was near their asset or not—not just in the same zip code.

Enter AssetDoppler.com: a 24x7x365 weather reporting and alerting service with coverage spanning any address or GPS coordinate in the United States. The platform taps into many weather and environmental sensors throughout the country, including the WSR-88 NEXRAD platform provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Storm cells, mesocyclones, hail, wind gusts and other environmental events such as wildfire, floods, and lightning are fed into our proprietary engine to determine severity and proximity to the assets under its surveillance. When an event is detected and deemed to pose significant risk according to property-specific rulesets, an alert is generated and delivered via email and/or SMS to the designated operators of that asset.

Through its email and SMS alerts,AssetDoppler.com ensures that no weather related damage goes unnoticed. By catching storm damage early, personnel can be safeguarded, and insurance claims can be filed in a timely manner. With this enhanced monitoring, businesses can respond more rapidly, deploying resources and personnel faster, ordering and replacing stocks and inventory as needed, helping resume their operations more smoothly in the aftermath of such occurrences.

AssetDoppler.com also helps asset owners ensure accountability from their staff, property managers and other vendors, by logging and tracking sign-off on weather event alerts on a property-specific basis. Through its unique Alert Acknowledgement system, AssetDoppler.com helps asset owners ensure their properties have been inspected for damage in the wake of potential costly events, providing visibility not only into weather related events, but also visibility into the management of those events.

Getting started is easy—simply give us a call or drop us an email.


  • Ensures property inspections occur in a timely fashion
  • Creates accountability and tracks adherence
  • Enables timely property insurance claims and full utilization of insurance
  • Speeds response to emergency needs such as equipment delivery or personnel deployment
  • Quickens replacement and delivery of products and/or inventory
  • Ensures the safety and protection of staff, customers, and other personnel
  • Smooths resumption of normal business